Strengthening Your Competitiveness: Efficiency in Corporate English Training via Remote Teaching

  • Pioneering state-of-the-art facilities based in Argentina
  • Cost-efficient alternative to traditional ‘face to face’ teaching
  • Ability for expert English trainers to reach dispersed groups across your organization
  • Flexible and innovative solutions tailored to your organizational needs
  • Free British Council consultancy and demonstration lesson


Open for business

The British Council, with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of its Buenos Aires Remote Teaching Centre, the British Council’s global flagship hub for remote English learning. Its state-of-the-art facilities and expert English trainers – all qualified to the highest TEFL standards – offer a high quality innovative learning experience for your employees.

What is remote teaching?

Remote teaching involves the trainer being based in a different physical location from the learners. It is real time computer-mediated ‘face to face’ teaching. We train through video conferencing or via a virtual classroom environment such as Adobe Connect using high quality world renowned British Council materials.

Why would my company want a remote teacher?

Capacity building through high quality remote teaching can offer an innovative, motivating, more convenient and cost-efficient alternative - convenient in that employees can join classes remotely from wherever they happen to be (for example, while on business trips) and cost-efficient in that teacher travel time and expenses can be avoided.

Remote teaching also provides the opportunity for dispersed groups of learners from different localities and countries to interact with one another, bringing additional cross-team building and cultural benefits.

What courses does the British Council offer via remote teaching?

We offer a variety of learning solutions, tailored to meet your specific organizational needs. These may be blended options, whereby learners do some online self-study in combination with remote lessons, or they may be delivered 100% through remote classes. Examples of courses frequently requested world-wide include:

  • English for business
  • English for presentations
  • English for proposals
  • English for e-mail writing
  • English for negotiations
  • English for technical report writing
  • Telephone English

Companies the British Council has worked with around the world include: ABN Amro Bank, Accenture Pte Ltd, AIA Company Ltd, Arup, Barclays, BP Exploration (Angola) Limited, BNP Paribas, DBS Bank Ltd, DHL Express(s) Pte Ltd, HSBC Ltd, Jet Star, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Merck Pte Ltd, Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited (Merchant Bank), Mitusi Chemicals, Nespresso, Novartis Pharmaceutical, Proctor and Gamble Asia Pte Ltd, Pertamina, Prudential, Shell, Standard Chartered Bank.

Does remote teaching work?

Published results of remote English training demonstrate that learners achieve as much as those taught directly via traditional face-to-face teaching methods. In addition, many find the flexible and innovative new technologies highly motivating.



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